Other areas of the law

Within the firm’s other areas of practice, one can find all aspects of commercial and corporate law including litigation related thereto.

Among other services our firm provides services of establishing and maintaining our clients’ engagements/procurement; providing advice relating to incorporation of companies, partnerships and joint ventures; drafting and negotiating contract documents pertaining to financing and investments; supporting software houses in their business including software implementation projects; on-going advise to corporations including their directors and other officers; drafting and negotiating retail related and other concession agreements; providing advice related to real-estate including real-estate projects initiation, sale and lease agreements and more; providing advise related to securities law, banking, international trading, intellectual property, insurance; and more.      

Our firm also has expertise in litigating commercial/corporate law issues. Among other issues our firm handled and continues to handle large scale complex disputes in all relevant tribunals including courts, arbitrations and mediations in its areas of practice. Among those disputes, our firm handled large scaled (hundreds of million NIS) disputes relating to Insolvency law; large scaled (hundreds of million NIS and even larger) infrastructure and construction law related disputes; handling of complex corporate law related disputes including disputes involving minority rights and D&O liability; Tender law related disputes and petitions; and many more.

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